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Strategies and methods for CFD computation for multiple moving and deformable bodies

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    Maillage déformable, maillage mobile, maillage chimère, interpolation, CFD


Virtual prototyping is more and more broadly used for flow prediction and design. To apply CFD simulation for more complex configuration inducing the relative motion of several bodies (rigid or elastic) or the various possible positions of several bodies (investigation of the flow interaction and energy recovery for various wind turbines placement) interacting with the flow (eg. store separation, booster separation of a space shuttle, valve and piston motions in an engine) and/or having multi-physic interactions (fluid/structure interaction of deformable bodies). Due to the large variation in the boundary displacement linked to these motions (small for little flexible bodies subject to FSI, medium or large for highly flexible bodies, large for the relative motions or the various possible positions of several bodies) the delicate paradigm in term of trade-off in the unsteady CFD methodologies has led to develop different approaches: chimera approach, mesh deformation [and remeshing. The PhD research aims: 

  • at improving existing the strategies, methods and development for timedependent CFD computations for multiple moving and deformable bodies on several 
  • at experiencing these innovative developments and improvements on complex industrial cases in phase with the new problems in simulations on increasingly complex configurations and including multi-physical interactions.

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