What are the prospects?

The BA in Human and Social Sciences gives access to numerous Masters, opening the door to many opportunities.

Information and Communication:

Journalist, press agent (ministerial cabinets, media personalities, etc.), publicist, publisher, advertising and marketing officer, events and communications manager, company communications officer, library manager, archivist, and so on.

Sociology and Anthropology:

Positions in public administration or in the private sector linked to the social sector (local councils, CPAS (public centre for social welfare), Forem (job centre), consulting firms, etc.), manager of an NGO for international cooperation and development aid (Red Cross, Amnesty International, etc.), academic careers, and
in the non-profit world.

Economic and Social Policy:

Departmental manager in a company in the public or private sector, official in a federal, regional or local organisation (province, commune, intercommunal,
CPAS), etc.

Political Sciences:

Any job related to social and political life (political parties, trade unions, corporate world, political cabinets), civil servants at the local council or in another local, regional, provincial, or federal organisation in Belgium or Europe, public services, public administration, NGOs, international organisations, diplomatic missions, and many more.

Human Resource Management:

Manager of staff in public or private companies, HR consultant, recruiter, etc.

Population and Development Sciences:

Project manager for development aid and international cooperation (European Commission, World Bank, NGOs, international organisations), etc.


Criminologist with the police force for all types of crimes (violent crime, computer piracy, counterfeiting, etc.), prison director, functions in prevention services (Youth Protection Service), in the non-profit world (delinquency, drug addiction, etc.), in the private or public sector (security services of companies, municipalities, etc.).

Cultural Management:

Manager of a cultural institution (museums, theatres, concert halls, etc.), organiser of cultural events (exhibitions, festivals, concerts, etc.), among others.

Performing Arts:

Film producer, film director, critic for the press, manager of a cultural institution, etc.