Some Concrete Examples

Our Master courses lead to a wide variety of opportunities, as confirmed by the jobs that our former students have successfully applied for.

These are mostly accessible to all our graduates, regardless of the option taken at Bachelor level or the specialisation chosen at Master level.

Here are some examples of positions that our alumni have taken up since graduating:

  • Alex is the security manager at the BAM (art gallery in Mons)
  • Alexandre is a recruitment consultant at Robert Half (a firm specialising in the temporary and permanent recruitment of highly qualified professionals)
  • Amandine works in the recruitment department at a hospital in Tournai, Belgium (public sector)
  • Amélie works in communications for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Anaïs is the Restoring Family Links/Tracing Project Coordinator for the Belgian Red Cross (research in Belgium and abroad in order to re-establish contact between family members separated by conflict, natural disaster or due to immigration)
  • Anémone is a consultant at Adecco Group.
  • Audrey works for the Minister of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Aurélie is an on-site consultant at Manpower Group
  • Aurélien is head of the administrative office of the Public Procurement Unit of the City of La Louvière
  • Barbara is a communications assistant and community manager at Next Communication
  • Camille is a research grant holder and PhD candidate in Political and Social Sciences at UMONS
  • Catherine is a journalist at the Lëtzebuerger Journal, a Luxembourg newspaper
  • Cécile is an HR administrator at BNY Mellon
  • Claire is a teaching assistant at UMONS
  • Coralie is responsible for studies and projects attached to the Director General and Director of Strategy and Development of the Federal Work of the Friends of the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Corentin is a parliamentary collaborator at the Chamber and Walloon Parliament
  • Delphine, who was previously a recruitment consultant at Coquerelle Consultants, as an advisor to the social contributions office of UCM de Mons, is now head of the HR administrative services for the Province of Hainaut
  • Eléonore is an administrative agent for sports and culture and the communications manager for the Municipal Administration of Écaussinnes
  • Elodie is the HR manager at Doctors of the World Belgium
  • Emilie is head of security for the Town of Binche
  • Emlyn is in charge of Human Resources at McBride
  • Flavien is in charge of information systems at YoumanCapital
  • Florine is a business analyst at Deloitte Belgium
  • Jérémie is in charge of economic development at the City of Mons
  • Jeremy is the manager of green actions for a sustainable neighbourhood contract at the City of Brussels
  • Julie is in charge of recruitment for Assystem Belgium
  • Julien is a financial expert at SPF Finances
  • Laura is responsible for HR projects at Ambroise Paré
  • Laurent is an attaché-operator with the regional public service of Brussels (management of a computer application for the processing of files, legal control of decisions taken concerning personnel)
  • Ludovic is a project developer at Breaking Walls Studio
  • Marco is a multilingual financial administrator at Ford Motor Credit Company
  • Maxime is a legal adviser in European law for the European institutions at the law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel in Brussels
  • Mélissa is a recruitment consultant at the recruitment firm PageGroup
  • Morena is the Project Manager in Management for the Public Service of Wallonia
  • Nico is a social sciences secondary school teacher
  • Perihan is Assistant to the Permanent Observer of the ICO Mission to the EU
  • Salvatore is a scriptwriter and cartoonist
  • Yasmine is a sales consultant at Appco Group
  • After having been an assistant in charge of the book fairs abroad, Yoon-Hee is now in charge of cooperation projects with Bolivia and Haiti at Wallonia-Brussels International.


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