Continuing education

Continuing education education is most specifically targeted at those wishing to continue learning throughout their life, in particular with a view to developing their professional career.

The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy offers several types of continuing education:

  • Programmes leading to a degree recognised by the French Communauté of Belgium (MAS or Master of Advanced Studies)
  • Certificated programmes leading to a university certificate.

These programmes are intended to facilitate the conciliation between training and business and personal life: flexible timetable (grouping of courses on certain weekdays), out of hours (courses held in the evenings and/or at weekends), option to stagger an academic year…

Where to find information?

The Department of Continuing Education is your first contact; it will direct you to the Department offering the studies you are looking to pursue.

Studies Administration Division – Unit for Continuing education

Mrs Patricia LORENT
Ruelle du Cerf blanc 1 – 7000 MONS
Tél.: +32(0)65/37 37. 14