Chemical and Biochemical Process Engineering Unit

The unit has built a broad expertise in the fields of sustainable chemical and biochemical processes, with the integration of the reduction of their environmental footprint, and the risk management.

The Chemical and Biochemical Process Engineering Department provides teaching and research activities enabling the understanding of the functioning of the chemical, parachemical and biochemical industries, based on the expertise acquired during research projects carried out by the laboratory.

Teaching activities bring together several disciplines including organic and analytical chemistry, sizing of reactors and unit operations, modelling and optimization of chemical and biochemical processes, mastery of environmental technologies for reducing pollution and effluents, introduction to industrial biotechnologies, industrial risk management, etc.

In each of the chemical and biochemical processes developed lies the concern for reducing its environmental footprint, by reducing pollutants (aqueous and atmospheric) and reducing its energy consumption, but also the concern for risk control.

Experimentation, modelling, and simulation are the common pillars of the different addressed research themes. From the laboratory scale to the pilot scale, the processes studied are based on an understanding of phenomena, followed by their modelling, optimization, or even intensification of the process. These multi-scale approaches are therefore largely at the heart of our work and offer the opportunity of linking academic studies to industrial applications.

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