Our SPIN_OFF in creation

Cleo (RW / First Spin-Off)

The project aims to develop a method to reconstruct the three-dimensional internal structure of a bone from simple x-rays. Software will be developed that will enable doctors to easily measure, without the need for a CT scan, clinical signs (density and microarchitecture of bones) which are important in the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of many bone diseases (osteoporosis, etc.).

RGPU (RW / First Spin-Off)

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) processors are increasingly used to accelerate programmes requiring considerable computing power. These GPUs are installed on either a workstation, a computer server or a cloud. Each of these solutions has advantages and disadvantages. The objective of this project is to develop a software programme called rGPU (Remote GPU), which will enable a company or a cloud to make a shared GPU as practical as a workstation GPU, while reducing its operating cost.