As part of the ERDF DigiSTORM portfolio, UMONS has obtained funding to include an Internet of Things (IoT) axis in the Mons FabLab.

Three objectives will be pursued:

  • Radiation across the ‘Cœur du Hainaut’
  • Increased skills in the IoT-Lab and ElectronicLab
  • Development of a strategy towards companies and future entrepreneurs

More specifically, the IoT axis of FabLab will bring together industrial players and researchers in the field of the Internet of Things. The IoT has recently emerged as one of the most promising digital perspectives, and connected objects (bracelets, household appliances, electricity metres, etc.) is a growing market.

Our goal is to make this new technology accessible to as many people as possible to allow rapid prototyping.

This will involve equipping the FabLab with electronics and telecommunications equipment (IoT platforms, actuators, various sensors, etc.).

This development is well-timed given the recent deployment of low-bandwidth networks in Wallonia that connect objects on a long range with low power consumption.

The FabLab will therefore ensure that it acquires equipment that is compatible with these networks and that it facilitates its use, including through factsheets and user support by the FabLab manager.

The Fab-IoT-Lab will directly benefit from state-of-the-art developments in the field made at the University, including network dimensioning, cloud platform development, mini-sensor development, and more.