Seminar by Mirian Tsulaia: “Massive Higher Spins and Black Hole Interactions”

On 28 May 2024 at 10:00
Campus Plaine de Nimy - De Vinci - Salle Mirzakhani (Salle des conseils)

Organized by

Evgeny Skvortsov

Mirian Tsulaia (OIST, Okinawa) will give the following seminar in the Mirzakhani room of the De Vinci building:

Massive Higher Spins and Black Hole Interactions

We shall discuss an effective field theoretic approach to description of scattering of two Kerr Black Holes, emitting gravitational waves.
In this approach one considers massive higher spin fields interacting with gravitational and electromagnetic fields.
We use a BRST formalism, similar to the Open String Field Theory, to  construct a cubic action for two massive higher spin fields and one massless spin two (or spin one) field. This action reproduces the cubic amplitudes that correspond to the interactions between Kerr Black Holes.

Avenue Maistriau, 15
7000 Mons, Belgium