PhD Theses

This page collects the PhD Theses defended in the research unit “Physics of the Univers, Fields and Gravitation” of the University of Mons and the most recent PhD theses defended in its precursor, the research unit “Mechanics and Gravitation”.

Arnaud Delfante (PhD 2024)

Thesis: Of asymptotic charges and renormalizations.

Supervisor: Andrea Campoleoni.

Arnaud’s publications on Inspire.

Victor Dehouck (PhD 2023 – U. Dijon)

Thesis: Adiabatic invariance in voluntary rhythmic human motion.

Supervisor: Olivier White; co-supervisors: Nicolas Boulanger and Fabien Buisseret.

Victor’s publications on ResearchGate.

Simon Pekar (PhD 2023)

Thesis: Aspects of higher-spin symmetry in flat space.

Supervisor: Andrea Campoleoni.

Simon’s publications on Inspire.

Yegor Goncharov (PhD 2023)

Thesis: Gravitation étendue aux champs de spin élevés. Aspects algébriques.

Supervisors: Xavier Bekaert and Nicolas Boulanger.

Yegor’s publications on Inspire.

David de Filippi (PhD 2021)

Thesis: Orderings and gauges in Vasiliev’s equations for Higher Spin Gravity.

Supervisor: Nicolas Boulanger.

David’s publications on Inspire.

Lucas Traina (PhD 2020)

Thesis: Algebraic aspects of supergravity and massive gravity theories.

Supervisor: Nicolas Boulanger.

Lucas’ publications on Inspire; Linkedin profile.

Thomas Basile (PhD 2017)

Thesis: Description physique et mathématique des particules dans l’espace-temps (anti-)de Sitter : symétries, représentations, et règles de fusion.

Supervisors: Xavier Bekaert and Nicolas Boulanger.

Thomas’ publications on Inspire.

Dmitry Ponomarev (PhD 2013)

Thesis: Algebraic aspects of duality and higher-spin interactions.

Supervisor: Nicolas Boulanger.

Dmitry’s publications on Inspire.

Nicolò Colombo (PhD 2012)

Thesis: Vasiliev’s Higher-Spin gravity: Action and Observables.

Supervisor: Per Sundell.

Nicolò’s publications on Inspire and Google Scholar; Linkedin profile.

Serge Leclercq (PhD 2009)

Thesis: Higher spin interactions: cubic deformations on Minkowski and (Anti) de Sitter backgrounds.

Supervisor: Nicolas Boulanger.

Serge’s publications on Inspire.

Stéphane Detournay (PhD 2006)

Thesis: Deformations of anti-de Sitter black holes

Supervisor: Philippe Spindel.

Stephane’s publications on Inspire.