Flagship Projects

The Institute essentially develops its activities through collaborative research projects.

These projects:

  • Are based on interdisciplinarity
  • Prioritise collaborative research and co-development
  • Rely on partnerships with all sectors of society (industries, services, research centres, governmental institutions, etc.)
  • Bring together provincial, regional, federal, European and international partners.

The Institute is active in setting up research projects, with its partners, which respond to the emerging problems linked to the Institute’s field.

Below you can find a list of some key projects, which highlight some of the issues our researchers tackle.

COMPLEXYS is involved in long-term collaborative projects, which require in-depth consideration regarding theoretical models in order to provide solutions to specific problems. UMONS uses the international recognition of its theorists to develop ever more ambitious projects linked to the industrial world


  • Mikael Randour received “The Ackermann Award” in 2015 from the “European Association for Computer Science Logic” for his PhD thesis,
  • Quentin Menet won the “Prix Antonella 2015”, Jenifer Rubio-Magnieto was selected to participate at the “65th Conference of Nobel Laureates” for her post-doc work,
  • and Nicolas Boulanger was awarded the “Théophile De Donder 2014” prize by the FNRS for the first part of his research.