Students with Special Needs

Do you have…

  • A sensory impairment ?
  • A motor impairment ?
  • A learning or developmental disability ?
  • An illness?

… And do you study, or wish to study, at UMONS


UMONS relies on the skills of its reception and support service – Les Cèdres – to support students with special needs and provide inclusive education.

Les Cèdres, a non-profit organisation, analyses the material, educational, social, cultural, medical and psychological needs of the student, and establishes, in consultation with them, a customised support plan.

Students with special needs can receive personalised support and reasonable accommodations (reduced workload, rearranged schedules and deadlines, adapted course notes and syllabi, etc.). To do this, the student must submit an application to Les Cèdres as soon as possible, and no later than 15th November for the first term, or 15th March for the second term.

This service also has two aides to communicate in sign language.

The UMONS Centre for Research and Action for People with Special Needs – LES CÈDRES – asbl

Campus Plaine de Nimy
Avenue Maistriau, building 4
7000 Mons

Tel.: +32(0)65373373

Elite Athletes and Artists

Elite athletes wishing to pursue university studies face dual requirements: academic and … athletic (intense physical and technical preparations, as well as participation in competitions, the timing of which may interfere with studies).

UMONS has made provisions to facilitate the organisation of studies, without affecting quality.

Elite athletes can spread their studies out over a number of academic years.

Timetables (class attendance) and deadlines (projects, exams, etc.) can also be reorganised, taking into account schedules of major sporting activities (training, competitions, etc.) in collaboration with the student’s Faculty or School.

See regulation

Student-Entrepreneur Status

Student-entrepreneur status is for students who wish to develop an entrepreneurial project while following their university studies. This status gives student-entrepreneurs various possibilities to modify their curriculum in order to reconcile the demands of their academic and professional pursuits. The student-entrepreneur status also gives students greater credibility and visibility with potential partners for their entrepreneurial project (investors, support structures, suppliers, clients, etc.).

You can address any questions you might have about the student-entrepreneur status to Jonathan Bauweraerts, Economic Interaction and Entrepreneurship Advisor (  or to your Faculty/School’s secretariat.

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