EUNICE | The European University

EUNICE brings together 10 institutions, 155,000 students, 15,000 staff members and nearly 6,000 researchers.

UMONS is one of the 10 universities in the EUNICE European Alliance


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    Who we are

    EUNICE is a European University that aims to be innovative, committed, open and multicultural
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    Course offer

    The EUNICE University Alliance regularly develops course offerings for the students (and even staff) of its member universities
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    Internships and partnerships

    The EUNICE University benefits from a solid network of partnerships with companies, research centres and players in the social, public and cultural spheres throughout Europe.
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    Research and its development are at the heart of the EUNICE
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    University life

    The inter-university campus is also a space that aims to develop the curiosity of those involved in the university world and to strengthen their European identity.
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    EUNICE and you

    • You are a (future) student
    • You are a researcher/teacher
    • You are a company or a player in civil society