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Ontoterminology: a tool for the conference interpreter?

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    Conference interpreting / ontoterminology /speech analysis / specialised translation / cognitive semantics


In 2007, Christophe Roche introduced ontoterminology as a new term to designate the theoretical approach to terminology by the Condillac team. In this approach, ontology is put at the centre of terminology, adding the epistemological dimension of knowledge representation to the term-concept relationship. In ontoterminology, ontology plays a fundamental role in two ways: it is involved in the building of the conceptual system and in the operationalization of terminology. On the other hand, conference interpreters often have to interpret in specialized fields within a very short period of time, thus considerably limiting the interpreter’s access to the terminology and understanding of the field in question. In addition, the use of terminology by interpreters is a research area that to date remains under-explored (Guidère, 2014). The doctoral work proposed here aims to evaluate the contribution of ontoterminology to the quality of the professional conference interpreter’s productions. This research is to be conducted through the qualitative analysis of a corpus of renditions. Guidère, M. (2014) Introduction à la traductologie. Penser la traduction : hier, aujourd’hui, demain. Bruxelles : De Boeck Roche, C. (2007) TOTh 2007 : « Terminologie & Ontologie : Théories et Applications ». Annecy : France.

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