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Text reference in translations

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    Text reference, FR/DU, parallel corpora, L1/L2


In the first stage of the project (term 1), we will give a critical theoretic overview of the existant literature related to text reference in French and Dutch linguistics, in translation studies and in foreign language acquisition, in order to gain better insight into methodological and analytical criteria. At the same time, we will develop an electronic corpus of 1000 written translations DU – FR and FR – DU produced by BAB2 to MAB2 students at the FTI-EII (UMONS). On the basis of this corpus, we will realize an oriented L2 analysis. This will allow us to obtain a clear overview of the main difficulties concerning text reference encountered by French-speaking students translating to DU or to FR (term 2). Subsequently, we will focus on difficulties observed in the L2 corpus, using the Dutch Parallel Corpus (terms 3 and 4). After the theoretic and descriptive analyses, we will carry out an experimental study in class, in order to evaluate and to validate the pedagogic unit on text reference that we previously developed (terms 5 and 6). This project will result in a doctoral dissertation (terms 7 and 8).

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