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Translate belgian literature (french speaking)

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    literature of french speaking Belgium – literary translation – translation studies


Our field of research is part of a long line of interest in the literature of french speaking Belgium. It was in this way that 2013 saw the publication of the first work concerning the biography of 15 translators born in Belgium or having strong connections with our kingdom. These days we wish to prolong these reflections continuing the inquiry in reverse : unveiling the mystery which surrounds the translation of Belgian french literature. For reaching this aim, we will adopt 2 complimentary approaches which we consider likely to reveal the writing-practices used by writer-translators : The first consists of approaching the question of literary translation from the point of view of biography. The major purpose is to provide a picture of the writer-translators who have shown an particular interest in belgian writing. What are the modes of translation ? Can an analysis of translation reveal the art of translation ? What is the cultural impact of the translated work ? In what way does the « biographical material » indicate the interest of the writer-translation in Belgian writing ? The second consists of dealing with the question of literary translation with regard to the translated work. Which gaps in the concrete practice of appropriation of the text can be noticed ? What is the specific context of the way in which the text is received ? What ist the impact of the cultural transfer as a whole ? What meaning is to be given to the generic changes (including for example the musical interpretation of a narrative text) ? NB : The question can be approached differently by several doctorants and with regard to differents linguistic areas.

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