Quality Charter

UMONS Quality Charter

The University of Mons ensures all of its missions — teaching, research, community service — in full respect of philosophical and ideological neutrality. These three missions are carried out with the continuous goal of improvement.

UMONS is firmly and simultaneously committed to:

Promoting quality education in the province of Hainaut

The programmes it offers are intricately linked with research. Teaching at UMONS is characterised by a truly human dimension, attested to, in particular, by the great availability of instructors on the two campuses. The student is at the very heart of the University’s concerns. As such, it strives to create an inclusive atmosphere, which welcomes all students, regardless of their profile. UMONS ensures that the programmes it offers reflect the realities of today’s world. Moreover, UMONS is supported by the Pôle Hainuyer for Higher Education, especially regarding crossovers and sharing skills and infrastructures.

Ensuring high-level research activities on an international scale

As part of its heritage from its Faculties, Schools and Institutes, UMONS has a well-anchored historical tradition and supports the research potential of the strong sectors of its scientific activity. To do so, it encourages national and international collaborations, promotes an outward-looking vision, and showcases excellence and innovation. UMONS endeavours to offer its researchers a working environment that incorporates the ethical, societal and professional aspects that are conducive to high-quality international research.

Contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development of the region

UMONS cultivates relationships between its research potential and the economic and industrial fabric of the region, for example, through the creation of spin-offs, and collaborations with public and private companies. Our institution strives to meet the needs of its environment. It trains young people and adults returning to higher education to carry out scientific processes, all the while keeping this training in line with the human, societal and technological stakes of the 21st century. In its various activities, it pays particular attention to sustainable development. Learners are able to develop their skills by attending their courses and through direct participation in the field. As such, UMONS assumes a responsible, creative and stimulating role in the economic and social redeployment of Hainaut on a daily basis.

While carrying out its various missions, UMONS works to equip its students and researchers with the necessary intellectual, cultural and human skills. It helps shape them into responsible actors by promoting critical thinking, openness, tolerance, responsibility, and autonomy. It also supports the values of North-North and North-South cooperation, and welcomes everyone – students, researchers and staff – thus promoting their integration. Finally, concerned with the well-being of its staff, our institution further supports its staff by developing equitable, understandable and encouraging assessment tools.

The Rector of UMONS*
Philippe DUBOIS

* The UMONS Administrative Board, chaired by Rector Ph. Dubois, has unanimously approved the Quality Charter.