Quality Commitments of UMONS

The quality approach implemented at the University of Mons is a way to continually improve its missions and to consider the needs and expectations of its members, both as actors and beneficiaries.

Specifically, through its Quality Charter, UMONS has committed itself to pursuing its three core missions: “to promote quality education in Hainaut, to ensure high-level research activities on an international scale, and to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the region”, all the while respecting equity, humanistic values and excellence.

The vision and practical goals of UMONS are described in a strategic note, which summarises the key indicators essential for managing the institution. These enable the status reports of the concrete measures implemented by UMONS to be monitored in order to achieve the objectives it has set.

Alongside the institutional approach, the University’s individual faculties and schools are given a great amount of autonomy to ensure a standard of quality tailored to their specific characteristics and ethos: ISO Certification (FWEG), EUR-ACE Label (FMPS), EMT Label (FTI)…

Using appropriate methods, UMONS strives for the continuous improvement of teaching and research, by making the students an absolute priority.

Concerned about this culture of quality, the University’s administrative departments have implemented an approach based on structuring initiatives and simplifying administrative procedures for different users.

As a result, all of these actions have contributed to the creation of a dynamic culture of quality that involves all UMONS members at all structural levels of the University, enhanced by the implementation of a “quality and management of information” unit (also known as the “EQuIP” team).

Quality Assurance Team

Quality Advisor

Chantal Poiret
Tel. : +32 65 37 32 98

Quality and Management of Information Unit

Sabine Soetewey – Quality Manager
Tel. : 065/37.32.33
Isabelle CONSIGLIO– Administration Quality Manager
Tel. :  065/37.32.65 – 065/55.20.03