A Message from the Rector

The University of Mons (UMONS) was created from the association of the Faculty of Engineering and the University of Mons-Hainaut in 2009. As such, while the current UMONS structure is relatively new, it has inherited all the achievements of all its individual faculties, and looks back on a collective historical tradition in the region of Hainaut of least 170 years.

It offers about a hundred degree programmes, from Bachelor to PhD, at its ten faculties and schools: the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Psychology and Education, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation, the Warocqué School of Business and Economics, the School of Human and Social Sciences, and, in collaboration with ULB, the Law School and Teacher training School.

The University of Mons strives to:

  • Give students quality education: special attention is paid to the standard of teaching in our university, which prides itself on having instructors who are supportive of, and available to, their students
  • Prepare students for their future professional life all the while encouraging their intellectual, cultural and human development: beyond the mere course content, UMONS offers intensive training in reflection, critique, argumentation, and the active search for information. This provides our students with the skills essential for responsible citizens who will be the true actors of tomorrow’s society
  • Enrich teaching through high quality research: universities must be able to count on instructor-researchers who enhance their teaching with results of large-scale research carried out within national and international networks
  • Contribute to the cultural and economic life of the region: built on a basis constituted by education and research, the university makes the knowledge that it develops widely available to society. Strongly rooted in its setting, and sensitive to its needs, UMONS is eager to take part in the development of its region by meeting expectations from cultural, economic and social actors, as well as requests coming from companies and public or private organisations.

The UMONS buildings are spread throughout the historical centre of Mons, which is the original campus of the university.


The University’s teaching activities mainly take place in Mons, however, day and evening classes are also held at the Charleroi campus. The courses offered in Charleroi are mainly in Computer Science, Psychology and Education, Management and Business Engineering.

The University of Mons is a founding partner of the Pôle hainuyer, which brings together all the higher education institutions (universities, haute écoles, art colleges, and continuing education establishments) in the province of Hainaut.

UMONS is also strongly involved in scientific collaborations across the globe, hosts foreign students and researchers, and supports the mobility of its students and its researchers, particularly within European programmes, such as Erasmus+ .

If, one day, you find yourself at the University of Mons, you will have the opportunity to discover the passion of its professors, scientists and administrative and technical staff, who all pursue their missions of research and education with determination and enthusiasm. They will ensure excellent working conditions while you acquire the key benefit of an UMONS education.

Philippe Dubois
Rector of UMONS