Welcoming Refugees

Since October 2015, the University of Mons (UMONS) has welcomed and assisted asylum seekers who have just arrived in the Province of Hainaut. The objective is to give refugees, who have undertaken studies in their country, the opportunity to pursue higher education. To this end, a working group has been set up and contacts have been established with organisations such as Fedasil and the Belgian Red Cross.

During the academic year, refugees and asylum seekers take French (FLE) courses offered by both the UMONS Centre for Modern Languages (CLV) and the continuing education schools of Mons-Borinage and Jemappes.

Social and cultural integration activities are also organised, including Arabic-French conversation classes, bringing together learners of Arabic at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation and the refugees.

The refugees are given “auditing student” status, which enables them to attend courses, become familiar with university life, and improve their French.

Material aids are also available to them.

To prepare for the following academic year, those wanting to study at UMONS have been given guidance on how to register. In fact, some have already duly registered at UMONS.

UMONS offers the following to the refugees received in Hainaut:

  • French courses: 240 hours between October and June. These face-to-face lessons also include social and cultural integration activities and are taught by French teachers of the CLV and the continuing education schools of Mons-Borinage and Jemappes
  • Preparatory courses
  • Access to courses as an auditing student
  • Assistance with administrative procedures (e.g. equivalency, entrance exams, and admissions applications)
  • Material assistance

The French courses usually begin in early November. Applications may, however, be considered after this date if the programme is offered again.

Contact:  adeline.delor@umons.ac.be

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Are you a member of UMONS? Do you want to support the refugees?

To get involved, in any way whatsoever, you can contact the following people: