University Management Team

A team of 22 people from each faculty to meet the challenges of proximity and international


Rector : Philippe Dubois (FS)
1st Advisor to the Rector on Institutional Strategy and Academic Affairs : Bernard Harmegnies (Former First Vice-Rector, FPSE)
Information and Communications Advisor : Angy Geerts (FWEG)
Advisor for the General Coordination for the Charleroi Site : Joseph Pagano (Former Vice-Rector, FWEG)
Project Leaders : Calogero Conti (Former Rector, FPMS) et Dany Vince (Former Administrator)


First Vice-Rector : Marc Labie (FWEG)
Equal Opportunities and Student Affairs Advisor : Pierre Cornut (FAU)
Cultural Affairs Advisor : Thierry Dutoit (FPMs)


Vice-rector : Diane Thomas (FPMs)
Economic Interactions and Entrepreneurship Advisor : Christiane Bughin (FWEG)
Interregional Actions Advisor : Rony Snyders (FS)
Health Advisor : Stéphane Carlier (FMP)
Sustainable Territorial Development Advisor : Marc Frère (FPMs)


Vice-rector : Ruddy Wattiez (FS)
(Bio-) Medical Sciences Advisor : Laurence Ris (FMP)
Applied Science and Engineering Technology Advisor : Marjorie Olivier (FPMs)
Social and Human Sciences Advisor : Justine Gaugue (FPSE)


Vice-rector : Marc Demeuse (FPSE)
Continuing Education Advisor : Christian Delvosalle (FPMs)
Digital Strategies for Teaching Advisor : Bruno De Lièvre (FPSE)
Quality Advisor : Anne Heldenbergh (FWEG)


Vice-rector : Pierre Duez (FMP)
International Mobility Advisor : Marta Bonet Bofill (FTI-EII)
Development Cooperation Advisor : Igor Eeckhaut (FS)
On-campus Internationalisation Advisor : Véronique Vitry (FPMs)