A Word from the Dean

Alexandre LEGRAND Doctor in Medicine, Professor of Physiology, Physiopathology and Pulmonology, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

If I think back to my time at the Faculty, my first memories are of being in the lecture theatres. Memories of working regularly, as my classmates and I were almost all present for all of the courses. Memories of practical work as well, which was carried out every afternoon, and ‘forced’ us to review what we had learnt that day. Next is the feeling of freedom – freedom in my choices, actions and opinions. Learning the delicate balance between work and fun, all the while developing a keen critical eye. Finally, memories of friendship, in the fullest sense of the word, formed through the fun had at university, and even in the lecture theatres, and which lasts a lifetime. Everyone knew everyone, and we all collaborated often, sharing lecture notes and preparing for exams together, as well as other student activities. Later on, we realised the strength of this relationship which united us, and how we had become ‘Montois’. It is not only classmates, but also teachers who stand out in my memory, and now I am on the other side. In the lecture theatres today, I find the same thirst for knowledge that I had as a student, and in the corridors the same desire to enjoy life. What the students don’t know yet is that what they are experiencing now will forever stay in their memories as some of the best days of their lives.