Career Prospects

Our Faculty prepares our graduates for their future careers as a doctor, pharmacist or researcher in biomedical sciences, depending on their chosen course. Graduates can also go on to teach secondary, further and higher education. Studying at university level opens up the mind and teaches you to design, develop and implement a project.

The research units of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at UMONS undertake biomedical and pharmaceutic research which is recognised on an internationally. The scientific training offered at the University is also highly regarded, and is widely sought by those in both the private sector and public institutes in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical research. Our researchers work actively in the fields of pharmaceutical analysis, human anatomy and experimental oncology, human biology and toxicology, molecular biology, biomathematics, cardiology, general, organic and biomedical chemistry, therapeutic chemistry and pharmacognosy, histology, neuroscience, physiology and pulmonary rehabilitation, biomedical physics, semiology, and general medicine, working with the most up to date technologies and instruments. The recognition of the quality of our teams is demonstrated further by the numerous collaborations in place.