Support for Success

Students work in small groups which facilitates their learning, particularly for writing techniques. In order to favour skills acquisition, new students also maintain contact with students from previous years, who help them through tutoring, or thanks to the presence of a ‘student-assistant’ who acts as a connection between the studying generations. Continuous assessment tools are also in place, and are accessible throughout the year, particularly with the assistance of the Educational Support Unit (SAP).

In the French Department, there are further efforts to help support the students as much as possible. As we teach the language necessary to be able to follow the course, we see all of the students, without exception, starting from the first year.

Where possible, we create small groups to favour the students’ learning of, for example, writing techniques. We also believe that peer influence is important in the acquisition of certain skills, and it is for this reason that we promote the contact between students of different levels, including through the ‘student-assistant’ who acts as a connection between the studying generations.

We have also introduced practical work, which allows students to spread their workload out over the academic year knowing that it will be assessed by continuous assessment, and not just exams.

Furthermore, the new technologies on offer at UMONS provide, on the one hand, teaching resources and, on the other hand, numerous tests and exercises which allow students to evaluate themselves, discover the tools which work best for them, fill any gaps in their knowledge, and perfect their knowledge of the French language.

Finally, with the support of the Educational Support Unit (SAP), we implement activities early in the academic year to aid the students in finding the study methods which work best for them, and which are necessary for their success. Thanks to these activities, students can reflect on how they take notes, on their motivation, on their personal organisation, and on how they prepare exams, which is done through mock exam sessions.

We then continue to support the students through their Master studies, all the way up to their dissertation, or even after should they decide to continue onto a teacher training programme or a PhD.