Continuing Education

Continuing education is primarily targeted at those wishing to embark on life-long learning with a view to developing their professional career.

The Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (FTI) offers several types of continuing education:

  • Programmes leading to a degree recognised by the French Community of Belgium (Specialised Master degrees)
  • Programmes leading to a university certificate.

These programmes are intended to facilitate the link between working life and personal life by offering flexible timetables (courses are sometimes grouped together on certain weekdays), evening and weekend classes, and the option to stagger studies.

Where to find information?

The Department of Continuing Education is your first contact; it will direct you to the department offering the studies you are looking to pursue.

Studies Administration Division – Continuing Education Unit

Mrs. Patricia LORENT
Ruelle du cerf blans, 1 – 7000 Mons
Tél.: +32 (0)65 37.37.14