EMT Label (European Master in Translation)

A European label for the Masters in translation from the FTI-EII

The Masters in translation from the FTI-EII are awarded with a European Union quality label


The Master’s programmes in translation at the UMONS Faculty of Translation and Interpretation have recently been awarded a quality label by the European Union. Called the “EMT label” (European Master in Translation), this label is awarded by the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission based on a decision by the board, who evaluates the quality of Master’s programmes and their relevance to the work of professional translators.

“This recognition by our peers confirms the quality of our activities, which we strive to uphold,” says the FTI-EII’s Dean, Alain Piette.

The EMT label is part of a partnership between the European Commission and higher education establishments which offer Master level courses in translation. This label attests to the quality of the university training in translation, which itself is reflective of the demands of the profession.

The main objective of having the EMT label is to improve the quality of training on offer to translators and to ensure that the European Union institutions can recruit the best-qualified translators.