Versatility and Varied professions

Translating and interpreting proficiency in all fields, at the highest level!

The Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (FTI- EII) provides training for future translators and interpreters. While it is a faculty of foreign languages, French has a major role to play. Indeed, most of the time, FTI-EII graduates will have to accurately translate texts or speeches produced by non-Francophones into their mother tongue, i.e. into French..

The choice of language combination is very important. In addition to French, which is compulsory for all, all students study two of the following foreign languages*: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and, last but not least, Danish (from the Scandinavian branch of the Germanic languages), which is only offered by the FTI-EII within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (see the tab opposite on our Scandinavian languages)

The teaching provided by the FTI-EII is highly specialised. All graduates must be able to work alongside experts in all fields. This requires a thorough grasp of their mother tongue, including specialist jargon, as well as extensive cultural knowledge. For this reason, many general courses are included in the programme, enabling students to acquire the necessary cultural knowledge in subjects as varied as law, economics, history and geopolitics.

The standard curriculum at the FTI-EII is 5 years (3 years of Bachelor + 2 years of Master’s in either translation or interpretation). The FTI-EII also offers many other courses, including 2 graduate certificates for sworn translators/interpreters (see tab opposite).


* You will find a table with all possible language combinations under the Faculty Brochure tab.

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