Seminar by Michel Pannier

On 08 June 2022 at 11:00
Campus Plaine de Nimy - B√Ętiment 4

Organized by

Andrea Campoleoni

Michel Pannier (University of Jena) will give the following seminar in the room Penrose of the building B4:

Probing Flat-Space Holography in 3D

The Holographic Principle, though its best studied application being the AdS/CFT duality, is expected to hold in rather general circumstances. One may thus try to test and extend its applicability on different examples, such as asymptotically de Sitter or flat space-times. The latter is the idea of the talk, in particular focusing on the introduction of propagating degrees of freedom to an otherwise purely topological three-dimensional theory of gravity. I will present a candidate for a possible linear scalar coupling equation, its relation to a certain higher-spin algebra and the construction of Wilson lines as holographic probes.

Avenue Maistriau, 19
7000 Mons, Belgium