UMONS Research Institute for Health Sciences and Technology

The HEALTH institute is a multidisciplinary institute of biologists, clinicians, pharmacists, chemists, physicists, engineers, psychologists and sociologists from the academic departments of UMONS whose research activities concern the health sector and, more specifically, focus on improving individual and public health. This objective is reinforced by the establishment of collaborations with various operators in this sector.

Taking care of people’s physical and mental health is crucial in today’s society. Longer life expectancy, access to care, human development and well-being are challenges that we have to confront and manage.

In this context, scientific and technological development in the field of health requires greater coordination between all those concerned, (i.e. physicians, pharmacists, psychologists, biologists, managers, etc.).

The aim of the Health Institute is to provide an scientists working in the field of health with an interface, in order for them to understand its complexity in a transdisciplinary way.

Some numbers

  • 210
  • 70
    PhD Students
  • 300
    Publications per year
  • 45
    Current projects