UMONS joins the EBRAINS AISBL as an associate member

Published on 1 June 2023
Written by DAVRE
The University of Mons becomes an associate member of EBRAINS, a new digital research infrastructure, created by the Human Brain Project, to foster brain research

The University of Mons (UMONS) has joined EBRAINS AISBL as an associate member. EBRAINS is a new digital research infrastructure (RI), created by the EU-funded Human Brain Project (HBP), to foster brain-related research and to help translate the latest scientific discoveries into innovation in medicine and industry, for the benefit of patients and society.

The membership went into effect on 6 January 2023. It will give UMONS the opportunity to co-design future iterations of EBRAINS’ cutting-edge tools and services. These state-of-the-art capabilities – which cover data sharing, atlasing, modelling, simulation, high-performance computing, and neurorobotics – aim to help European researchers to address major challenges in brain health, benefiting from insights into data science, brain organization, and artificial intelligence gathered from the EU Flagship Human Brain Project.

“EBRAINS will bring to UMONS researchers the opportunity to share their expertise in machine-learning-based brain data analysis and give them access to large scale data and high-performance computing capacity”, explains Laurence Ris, Vice-Rector in charge of International Relations, Mobility and Cooperation and researcher within the Health Research Institute, for the Brain Diseases area.

EBRAINS and the European project Human Brain

The EBRAINS platform was created by the EU-funded Human Brain Project (HBP). The Human Brain Project (HBP) is the largest brain science project in Europe and stands among the biggest research projects ever funded by the European Union. It is one of the three FET Flagship Projects of the EU. At the interface of neuroscience and information technology, the HBP investigates the brain and its diseaseswith the help of highly advanced methods from computing, neuroinformatics and artificial intelligence and drives innovation in fields like brain-inspired computing and neurorobotics.

“We are very happy to welcome University of Mons as an associate member at EBRAINS,” says CEO of EBRAINS Paweł Świeboda. “The university emphasises an interdisciplinary approach to the study of brain diseases”.

The full release is available here : CP_UMONS-EBRAINS_01062023