Systems, Estimation, Control and Optimisation Unit

Our interest is related to dynamical systems, system analysis, numerical simulation, prediction and estimation techniques, control and optimization of complex systems.

Systems, Estimation, Control and Optimization

The SECO group conducts both basic and applied research in the fields of dynamical system modeling and analysis, parameter and state estimation, automatic control, and process optimization. These areas of research have handful applications in a variety of domains, and we also carry out applied research and consultancy in partnership with the industry.

Regarding education, we are in charge of several courses in the Engineering Faculty of the University of Mons, both at the Bachelor and Master levels. Particularly, we are involved in the “Data science for Dynamical Systems” program of the Electrical Engineering Department and the “Mechatronics” program of the Mechanical Engineering Department. We are strongly committed to high-quality and innovative teaching.

SECO can provide consultancy in the following areas:

  • Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation (development of dynamic simulators)
  • Neural network modeling (dynamic prediction)
  • Model identification (parameter estimation)
  • Software sensor design (state estimation)
  • Process control (PID control and model predictive control)
  • Distributed control

SECO has the required computing facilities for data analysis, treatment and modeling.


The members of the SECO group are in charge of several courses :

Research topics

SECO’s research activities focus on:

  • Techniques for analyzing flows in cellular metabolic networks taking into account the uncertainties of measurements, and the indeterminacy linked to the lack of measurements.
  • Techniques for reducing metabolic models to macroscopic models.
  • Modeling and parametric estimation of complex biological systems.
  • Representation of nonlinear dynamical systems using the Koopman operator and the Extended Dynamic Mode Decomposition (EDMD) method.
  • Model-free optimization techniques of the Extremum Seeking type.
  • Agent-based models, for the representation of complex systems.
  • Hybrid modeling of systems based on knowledge and machine learning.
  • State estimation and control of distributed parameter systems.
  • Hierarchical control of industrial processes using cloud and edge computing.
  • Robust and safe control of drones and optimal trajectory planning.


The SECO lab has developed a few software over the years

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