Research activities

SECO’s research activities focus on:

  • Techniques for analyzing flows in cellular metabolic networks taking into account the uncertainties of measurements, and the indeterminacy linked to the lack of measurements.
  • Techniques for reducing metabolic models to macroscopic models.
  • Modeling and parametric estimation of complex biological systems.
  • Representation of nonlinear dynamical systems using the Koopman operator and the Extended Dynamic Mode Decomposition (EDMD) method.
  • Model-free optimization techniques of the Extremum Seeking type.
  • Agent-based models, for the representation of complex systems.
  • Hybrid modeling of systems based on knowledge and machine learning.
  • State estimation and control of distributed parameter systems.
  • Hierarchical control of industrial processes using cloud and edge computing.
  • Robust and safe control of drones and optimal trajectory planning.

Our unit is also associated with the following UMONS research institutes :