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Human and Social Sciences

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The Bachelor degree in Human and Social Science provides a general education in human sciences (sociology, anthropology, political science, communication and human ressources) but also in statistics, law, management, english and dutch, giving students the opportunity to make a more informed choice of their future orientation. The options available allow students to increasingly individualise their education in preparation of taking the Master programme that interests them most.

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies)


Opportunities vary dependent on the Master chosen.


  • Public administration
  • Social services (social security organisations, family planning centres, welfare centres, etc.)
  • Health
  • Training
  • Public relations
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Civil service
  • Trade unions
  • Justice administration
  • Youth services
  • Prison administration
  • Consultancy
  • National and international institutions (European Commission, World Bank, etc.)
  • Polling organisations
  • Teaching
  • Research centres

After gaining a Master degree, students can also go on to do research, working either in a university context or in a non-university, private or public organisation.

  • University-level social worker
  • Involvement in industrial relations negotiations
  • Social action/work manager
  • Employment / labour management
  • International aid and development agency (humanitarian, NGO, etc.)
  • Human resource manager
  • Team leader/organiser in the non-profit sector
  • Consultant, human resource / training manager
  • Civil service occupations
  • Manager in the private sector
  • Project manager
  • Consultant
  • Secondary school teacher / university lecturer
  • Researcher in anthropology or sociology

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Human and Social Sciences
Political and Social Sciences
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