Development Cooperation Grants

ARES, through its Commission for Development Cooperation (CCD), offers students at universities in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation two ways of getting involved in development cooperation at their university:

ARES-CCD Travel Grants

A travel grant is a grant awarded to a student from a higher education establishment in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to spend a period of time in a developing country as part of an internship or end-of-study project on a development-related topic.

For more information on travel grants, visit the ARES website.

Student Micro-projects

A student microproject is a development cooperation project resulting from a joint initiative by North and South students and sponsored by a Belgian promoter and a promoter from the partner country.

The aim of student microprojects is to help raise awareness of development issues among students fro the Wallonia-Brussels Federation by carrying out a project in partnership with students in a developing country.

Further information and examples of microprojects that have been funded by ARES-CCD can be found on the ARES-CCD website.

Consult the UMONS intranet for more information.