ARES-CCD Student Grants

The ARES-CCD offers students from universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB) three ways of getting involved in development cooperation at their university.

Travel Grants

Travel grants are for students from universities of the FWB who have obtained at least 120 ECTS. The grants cover a return airline ticket for a trip of at least one month for a compulsory training placement or a study placement for a Master dissertation. A living allowance for students who already receive financial assistance for their studies is also provided. ARES launches two calls a year for the awarding of these grants.


A micro-project is a cooperation project set up by a small group of students from universities of the FWB in association with students from an ARES partner country. This project must be supervised by someone from Belgium and someone from the partner country. ARES provides funding of up to 15,000€ per project, and launches a call for micro-projects every year.

Awareness Projects

An awareness project is a one-time event project on a topic related to development cooperation, and is aimed at students of the FWB. ARES provides funding of up to 4,500€ per project and launches a call awareness projects every year.


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