Learning Centre

All university studies, whether they be organised on a traditional full-time schedule or evening and weekend courses, require adapted, flexible and equipped spaces. These spaces must benefit from certain amenities, in terms of comfort and aesthetics, making them attractive places fulfilling the needs of student life. 
 As such, the Faculty Unit for Educational Support of the FPSE has created a Learning Centre on the Charleroi campus, which is characterised by the large attendance of adults returning to education. 
 The Learning Centre offers different types of spaces, while also having the most “open” space possible. Also, the different working areas, which are separated by glass walls, allow students to:

  • Work independently or in groups in two separate soundproofed spaces equipped with mobile projection screens and internet access.
  • Consult books and reference manuals related to their courses, placements and dissertations in a pleasant setting, complete with a reading corner.
  • Consult past papers and mock exams.
  • Have access to teachers’ teaching materials (e.g. curricula and compulsory education standards, didactic manuals, audio-visual materials, etc.).
  • Have access to the software needed to carry out their work and/or dissertations (Nvivo, Captiv, Antidote, etc.)/
  • Attend courses during which teachers can make the best use of the different spaces available.
  • Participate in various support for success workshops managed by the specialists who have designed the various courses (documentary research, note taking, oral communication, etc.).

Educational Video Clips

In collaboration with various departments of the FPSE, the CFPU offers students tutorials and videos on note taking, documentary research, and oral expression, among others.
To access these videos, click here