Career Prospects

Multiple opportunities in various fields !

The Master’s in Psychology, leads to the professional title of psychologist, clinical psychologist or clinical orthopedagogist, allowing the graduate to practice psychology in diverse fields, including those of mental health, neuropsychology, work and employment, social action, and law.

The Master’s in Education gives education professionals the opportunity to continue training in order to improve their practice and thinking. It can also lead to employability in fields such as education, adult education, training of trainers, orthopedagogy.

The Master’s in Speech Therapy (which is not organised at UMONS) leads to the profession of speech therapist in a private practice or in health care institutions, teaching or education.

At the end of the Master’s degree, the Agrégation de l’enseignement secondaire supérieur (teacher training programme for secondary education- AESS) leads to a career in teaching.

After the Master’s, students can also study towards a Specialised Master’s degree or take another training programme, organised by the FPSE or another UMONS faculty.

For those interested in research, the third cycle (PhD) also offers many scientific training opportunities, particularly through doctoral schools, leading to the certificate of research training and, ultimately, the degree Doctor of Psychology and Education.