About the Faculty

A Word from the Dean

Dear students,

The drastic and rapid changes in society reinforce the need to train specialists who can contribute to the development and well-being of humans. The Faculty of Psychology and Education (FPSE) participates in the training of these specialists by offering studies in three disciplines: Psychology, Education, and Speech and Language Therapy (logopaedics).

  • Psychology seeks to understand humans as a whole, regarding their so-called normal and unusual physical, mental, social and emotional characteristics that develop at different stages of life and according to cultural diversity.
  • Research in education explores both academic and extracurricular learning environments, as well as the impact that these have on the development of individuals and society.
  • Logopaedics focuses on human communication, oral and written language, speech and voice defects, and problems associated with swallowing, in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

In Mons, all courses at the Faculty of Psychology and Education (FPSE) are organised during the day, whereas certain courses are organised in the evenings and on Saturday in Charleroi. The latter are particularly, but not exclusively, aimed at adults returning to education, who have already had a taste of professional life and/or who wish to have a career change. In addition to evening and weekend classes, other measures have been put in place at the FPSE to facilitate returning to studies, for example, welcome and information days, the possibility of a personalised programme, several distance courses via the internet, among others.

All university courses in the field of Psychology and Education (Bachelor, Master and PhD) take place in Mons, with the exception of the Master’s in Speech and Language Therapy. The Bachelor’s in Psychology and Education (general) and the Master’s in Education (specialist focuses on: Teaching and Learning in Formal Education; Orthopedagogy; Social Care; Educational Technology) are also offered at the UMONS Charleroi campus.

Through the programmes offered, teachers are keen to share their knowledge and practical experience with you, stimulate your intellectual curiosity, help you to develop your analytical and thinking skills, improve your communication skills, and sharpen your critical thinking. Throughout your academic career in this domain, you will have the opportunity to discover many examples of human functioning. This route will open up many doors of opportunity.

  • Upon successful completion of the Master’s in Psychology, the professional title of Psychologist is awarded, thus allowing the practice of psychology in fields such as mental health, occupation and employment, social work, education, justice, and many more.
  • The Master’s in Education offers the opportunity for education professionals to continue to train, all the while improving their teaching and thinking skills. It can also lead to professional integration in fields such as teaching, adult education, and teacher training.
  • The Master’s in Speech and Language Therapy, which is not offered at UMONS specifically, can lead to a career as a speech and language therapist (privately or within a health care institution), a teacher or a trainer.
  • After the Master’s, it is possible to study for the Certificate of Teaching for Upper Secondary Education (AESS), which leads to a career in teaching.

Students can also study towards a Specialised Master’s degree or take another training programme, organised by the FPSE or another UMONS faculty.

For those interested in research, the third cycle (PhD) also offers many scientific training opportunities, particularly through doctoral schools, leading to the certificate of research training and, ultimately, the degree Doctor of Psychology and Education.

Laurent Lefebvre,