Support for Success

The Faculty of Psychology and Education (FPSE) places education and, more specifically, all the measures that can contribute to the success of the largest number of students at the heart of its concerns.

Additionally, alongside the support for success measures which are typically dedicated to students in the first block of the Bachelor’s, the FPSE offers different types of support to its students throughout their course. The actions support success in a direct way by fighting against failure and, in a less direct way, by guiding and helping to motivate students.

The Faculty’s various achievements in this area are presented below. They revolve around the model of Salmon, De Ketele and Parmentier (2007) structuring the educational activities around 7 axes:

  • The target audience (who?)
  • when the action takes place (when?)
  • identification of an accompanying person (by whom?)
  • the object of the pedagogical action (on what?)
  • the intended purpose (why?)
  • the mobilised tools (with what?)
  • the logistical means deployed (where?)

Considering this description of Support for Success, the FPSE is able highlight numerous initiatives it has put in place aimed at helping its students succeed.