Continuing Education

For a long time, the Faculty of Psychology and Education (FPSE) has offered adults who work, and/or who wish to have a career change, the opportunity to return to studies. Courses organised on the Charleroi site take place in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. According to their previous academic background, students can benefit from personalised programmes. A scientific unit has been created to welcome the students, provide them with information and act as an interface between the site of Charleroi and that of Mons. It provides ongoing administrative and pedagogical support to these students returning to education.

Continuing education is specifically intended for those who wish to continue learning at any stage of life, with the aim of developing their professional careers.

The FPSE offers several types of training for this purpose, including :
  • Courses leading to a qualification recognised by the French Community of Belgium (e.g. a Master’s degree, a Specialised Master’s degree, and a Graduate Certificate)
  • Teaching qualifications (AESS, CAPAES)
  • Certificate programs leading to a university certificate.

To facilitate the co-existence of professional/educational training and personal life, these programmes are arranged with an adapted and flexible timetable (e.g. grouping courses together on certain days of the week, or in the evenings and on Saturday mornings).