Introductory Courses

Welcoming final year secondary school students 

Twice a year, the FPSE opens its classroom doors to final year secondary school students for its “open classes”. These open classes take place during the “Toussaint” (All Saints) break in the Autumn and during the Carnival holiday at the end of February/beginning of March.

As part of this welcome, the Faculty ensures that this experience is as beneficial as possible for them.
As such, a suitable programme is proposed. The week begins with a welcome event held by the University’s authorities, followed by a tour of the different areas of the Faculty supervised by the student representatives. The students are then welcomed by the Dean, who presents them with the specificities of the Faculty. The main aim of the week is for the students to participate in activities so that they become familiar with faculty life. The entire week is made up of a series of “classic” courses, in which students can participate freely, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in an academic course in a lecture theatre or university classroom.

Introductory Courses

These non-compulsory courses, proposed at the beginning of Block 1 of the Bachelor’s, aim to:

  1. Prepare students for university-level education
  2. Enable students to be more informed about the different content that will be taught during the academic year.

These courses take place during the “Welcome week”, which is organised by the University’s Educational Support Unit (SAP). First year students are presented with a series of specific activities specifically tailored to their needs so that they can experience a better transition between secondary school and university.