Students can study for the following degrees on the Mons campus:

  • Bachelor (180 credits, Bac+3), awarded after passing the first cycle of three years
  • Master with a specialist focus (120 credits, Bac+5), awarded after passing an additional two years of study (second cycle)
  • Doctorate (Bac+8)
  • “Agrégation” (higher secondary teaching qualification)
  • CAPAES (Certificate of Teaching for Higher Education)

Students can study for the following degrees part-time at the Charleroi campus:

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science (Management option in collaboration with ULB)

Each year of study, except for the teaching qualification, comprises 60 credits of courses.

Thirty credits are awarded for the courses, seminars and placements for each specialist focus of the two-year Master’s programmes. The three types of specialist focus are:

  • Teaching focus, which provides specific teacher training for future teachers, in accordance with the decree of 8th February 2001 defining the training of upper secondary school teachers. It is only organised for degrees which are required for the teaching profession, and the study programme for this focus is based on that of the ‘Agrégation’ teaching qualification;
  • Research focus, which prepares students for scientific research; it includes in-depth teaching of a particular discipline to prepare students for a career in research;
  • Professional focus, which aims to develop the skills specific to certain categories of professions made accessible from the studied discipline.
    In accordance with the decree of 31 March 2004, the Faculty organises a one-year Master’s programme, without a specialised focus, in each discipline.