Career Prospects

With the increasing presence of new technologies in the private sector, career prospects for graduates from the Faculty of Science are likely to develop more rapidly. Mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists and computer scientists can expect good job opportunities. The development of mathematical models in finance and biotechnologies offers new prospects for mathematicians. Moreover, the emergence of ecological ideas, together with sustainable development, creates new career prospects for graduates in biology.

The sector of novel materials and biomaterials has created a demand for chemists and physicists, and in all sectors there is a demand for computer specialists, or scientists who took IT as a component of their studies.

Companies appreciate science graduates more and more for their multi-disciplinary education, their scientific precision, their adaptability and their ability to solve a wide range of problems.

As such, the Faculty of Science has incorporated several specialist focuses into its study programmes in order to respond to the increasing demand from the industrial world. As part of these specialist focuses, students must undertake a placement, either in Belgium or abroad.

While it is still widely believed that studying science often leads to a career in education, the majority of our graduates work in IT, banking, insurance, finance, telecommunications, biotechnology, chemistry, optics, glass producing, or in the pharmaceutical industry, and many others work in private or public research centres.

In addition, this increased demand from industry, mirrors the high demand for science teachers, especially in mathematics. Nearly every year there is a shortage in these professions.