The Campus, the City and Student Life

The small and modern campus is only a 10-minute walk away from the historic city centre of Mons and is easily accessible by car and public transport. It is also close to the train stations of Mons and Nimy.

The close proximity to the City of Mons is demonstrated through various partnerships. For example, the city offers discounts on various cultural activities to UMONS students.

The Faculty is also very active in the dissemination of scientific culture and has several clubs open to all, such as an astronomy club (Olympus Mons), a computer club and a maths club (MAthanor).

It regularly organises and hosts “Science Cafés”, conferences, astronomical observations, exhibitions, and many other activities, and students are encouraged to actively participate. The Faculty’s scientists and students regularly carry out experiments in various places across the city, and in the surrounding area, for example, on the Grand Place, at the Château of Seneffe or at the Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church.

Finally, the different terraces in various areas of Mons offer a welcoming place of relaxation.