Studying Abroad

Knowledge of foreign languages and other cultures is undeniably enriching on a personal level, and is also invaluable to employers. During their studies, students are able to study at an EU university for a semester or an entire academic year. An ERASMUS + grant will help cover any costs.

All students undertake one or more placements directly related to their Master’s degree, either in a company or research laboratory, or in teaching, giving students an initial feel for professional life. In some cases, these placements may be carried out abroad. More information is available from the departments responsible for different courses.

The Faculty of Science has numerous SOCRATES-ERASMUS agreements with universities all over Europe, for example in the UK, Denmark, Spain, France, and Italy, to name but a few. It is also a partner in various conventions between universities in Belgium and Northern France. Students can also take courses at a partner university and even spend an entire academic year at a foreign university. Courses taken abroad are recognised by the Faculty, which neither increases tuition fees nor extends the duration of studies.