Bachelor's in Law,  is now!

As part of a UMONS-ULB collaboration, the Law School encourages and implements a human approach and close student-teacher relationships in order to consolidate high-quality training.

Advantages of this course:

  • A mixed interdisciplinary approach to prepare students for the Master’sprogramme.
  • English and Dutch language courses in the first year.
  • Close supervision and smaller classes at two well-respected universities (UMONS & ULB).
  • Support for success activities for the student, helping with their approach to their studies and offering a personalised follow-up.
  • Two rigorous academic cultures (UMONS & ULB) helping to promote reflection and critical thinking.

Contact person

School secretary
9, Avenue Frère Orban
7000 Mons
+32 (0)65 37 32 58 ou 59
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