A bit of History

Formerly the Institute of Legal Sciences, the Law School was founded in 2004 under the leadership of Bernard Lux, the former Rector, and with the overall coordination of Professor Giuseppe Pagano, who was replaced by Alain Finet in 2010. The Law School also includes a Board of Directors chaired by Mr Christian Jassogne, First Honorary President of the Court of Appeal of Mons.

To avoid confusion with the UMONS research institutes, which were established in 2012, the Law School has chosen its present name.

Firstly, it is important to understand the context in which the Law School was established. At the time of its creation, legal demand was very high in Mons. Home to the Court of Appeal, and considered very important in the judicial domain, the City of Mons is the ideal place to establish a career in the field of law.

In addition, on 31st March 2004, the decree of the French-speaking Community of Belgium granted ULB permission to offer the “transitional” Bachelor’s degree in Law in the commune of Mons. By mutual agreement, UMONS and ULB joined forces to teach this course. This association is now more successful than ever.

The objectives set at the start of the School’s creation have been repeatedly and largely met, with more than a hundred students enrolled in the first year, and many more in the years since.

For over ten years, the UMONS Law School has continued to evolve since ULB and UMONS joined forces. Both teachers and students are proud to belong to a School which is constantly progressing; while the School is relatively young, the sense of cultural belonging already exists and is developing considerably.