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The BA Law degree programme in Mons is the result of a collaboration between ULB and UMONS which started in 2004. The aim is to offer a high quality Bachelor’s degree to students outside of Brussels.

After having passed the first three years of study in Mons, students can easily continue their studies in Brussels by doing a 2-year Master’s in Law which is essential for many legal professions. Students can also register on the Criminology Master’s degree. The transition to the Brussels Solbosch Campus is made even easier by the fact that the students will encounter several of their professors, as many of them teach in both Mons and Brussels.

The growing number of students registered on this course confirms the success and quality of this collaboration between our two universities.

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If you go on to do a Master in Law, you will be able to move into the following professions:

  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Corporate lawyer (bank, insurance, consultancy)
  • Process
  • Bailiff
  • Notary
  • A post within an international organisation or diplomatic service

If, after your Bachelor studies, you wish to do a Master in another subject, you could opt for criminology.

You could also move into research in the following areas : Economic law, tax law, international law, Criminology, etc.

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