The legal profession

Upon graduating with a Master’s in Law, students can apply for jobs such as:

  • Lawyer (a 3-year placement is necessary to be part of a bar association)
  • Judge, Magistrate (access to this profession requires successfully passing a competitive examination to carry out a placement in the legal sector)
  • Notary (upon obtaining a Specialised Master’s in Notarial Law and successfully completing a 3-year placement)
  • Court bailiff (a 2-year placement is required to be able to apply for this position)
  • Mediator (additional training in family, commercial, or social mediation is required)
  • Legal Expert in the public sector (federal, regional, or local)
  • Legal Expert in the private sector working for industrial or commercial enterprises, banks, insurance companies, etc.
  • Legal Advisor for an association: human rights organisations, victim support associations, trade unions, NGOs (Amnesty International, Red Cross, etc.)
  • Lobbyist
  • Court Clerk
  • Legal Auditor
  • Parliamentary Attaché
  • Teacher, Researcher
  • Etc.