Why do a PhD?

Doing a PhD of course allows you to develop your expertise in, and contribute your knowledge to, science.  Doing a PhD is also about :


A co-built doctoral community

Each year, UMONS organises DocConnexion, a fun and participative event aimed at bringing together the doctoral student community.

“Participating in “DocConnexion” is, for me, a way to get involved in an innovative institutional project and to contribute to co-construction and exchanges in a climate of understanding and hospitali…
Karim Boumazguida
PhD student at the Faculty of Psychology and Education


Come and join us for a day, to co-build the support you will need throughout your PhD, alongside other doctoral students and PhD professionals, in a relaxed atmosphere. The goals of this community are to:

  • Give your ideas more impact and help them to materialise
  • Expand your network within UMONS
  • Join an active doctoral student community!

Do you want to participate in the next DocConnexion?
Get in touch with the DAVRE.


“I felt the need to evolve in a more human structure, where I feel I exist and where I have the opportunity to take initiatives freely.” “Whatever the field of research, we all go through processes…
Thomas Abbate
PhD student at the Faculty of Engineering, "My thesis in 180 seconds" competition finalist


A path towards employment

A PhD gives you an initial work experience and allows you to develop your professional network on a project that is important to you.

Obviously there are research positions in academia, but academia is not the only path to employability. The business world is now looking for skills which a doctorate provides: project management, autonomy, writing, in-depth technical skills, etc. All these personal and professional skills can be easily demonstrated at the end of the PhD.

Of course, nothing prevents you from starting your own activities based on your research.

« Quel que soit le domaine de recherche, nous traversons tous des processus qui nous différencieront sur le marché du travail : nous apprenons à chercher de l’information de façon pertinente, à synthé…
Romina Rinaldi
Dr. Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l’Education Chef de service paramédical et référente psychologues, Grand Hôpital de Charleroi


Personalised Support

UMONS has a unique tutoring system in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to support you throughout your doctoral journey.

Are you having trouble funding your research projects, your stays abroad, etc.?
Do you have questions about your future after the thesis?
Do you want to enhance what you have done as part of your research?

Our doctoral unit at the DAVRE is there to support you.


“The small size of our university means that the academic staff and I knew each other well. This environment is quite reassuring and is conducive to carrying out a thesis under good supervision.”
Julien Leblud
Doctor at the Faculty of Science, researcher in the field of mobility and road safety