Department for Research Support and Technology Transfer (DAVRE)

The main mission of the DAVRE is to support the activities of scientific research at UMONS and to facilitate the use of the results of its research findings.

This mission can be summarised in six concrete actions.

Key Actions and Services

We offer our global definition of each of our key actions and a complete list of our services.

Accompanying (transitive verb, Old French: compain, French: compagnon)

“Be there to support researchers in the steps they need to take , facilitate access to resources, clarify, structure”

  • Disseminating information on funding and collaboration opportunities
  • Setting up and monitoring research projects
  • Acting as a contact point for the research institutes

Our services:

  • Disseminating the calls for tenders of funders via our thematic mailing. To register, click here 
  • Collecting and regularly updating information about research funding opportunities through our Funding Guide
  • Communicating calls for tenders and decisions of the UMONS Research Council
  • Looking for partners and developing and negotiating partnership agreements and funding agreements
  • Advising and supporting the researcher in writing their research project. Note: In this context, to access the document containing the financial and administrative information of UMONS, click here
  • Developing a budget
  • Developing a chart depicting the expected results of research
  • Developing agreements related to research and the setting up of projects 
  • Supporting the research institutes. Each UMONS research institute benefits from the support of a scientific advisor from the DAVRE who specialises in topics covered within the institute. To contact the DAVRE: click here 
  • Organising and coordinating meetings for the research institutes.  
Protecting (transitive verb, Latin: protegere): 

“Shelter in order to promote exploitation and development”

  • Intellectual Property (IP) diagnosis and protection strategy
  • IP awareness and information
  • IP and legal help and advice

Our services:

  • Producing brochures and organise awareness seminars on IP. Consult our Intellectual Property Guide by clicking here. 
  • Keeping up to date and disseminating the Intellectual Property rules of our Institution. To access the IP regulations, click here.
  • Carrying out prior studies on results to be protected
  • Supporting researchers in submitting their invention disclosure form
  • Helping researchers to file patents and trademarks, and with digital preservation
  • Managing the patent portfolio of UMONS
  • Managing copyrights through Assucopie
  • Assuring the secretariat of the UMONS IP Committee
Validating (transitive verb, Latin: valor, French: valeur): 

“Increase the value of results through concrete actions of transfer and exploitation”

  • Transferring knowledge to companies
  • Helping create spin-offs
  • Helping to develop new partnerships based on research results and IP

 Our services:

  • Evaluating the economic value of technologies
  • Developing and negotiating licencing agreements on know-how and patents
  • Helping set up business models
  • Exploring potential markets
  • Researching financial aid options (pre-activity grants, maturation funds, FIRST spin-offs, etc.)
  • Helping set up partnerships with business incubators
  • Managing ownership transfers and royalties via UMONS-Venture S.A.
Connecting (transitive verb, Latin: conectere, de nectere, French: lier): 

“Establish links between different actors within the same environment in order to generate rich exchanges”

  • Link with actors of scientific research and innovation
  • Acting as an interface between the corporate and academic worlds
  • Regional development
  • International contacts

 Our services:

  • Being the representative of UMONS for those concerned by research and its funding (FNRS, Walloon Region, Europe, competitiveness clusters, etc.)
  • Developing partnerships with innovators (IDEA, IMBC, etc.), capital funds at risk (IMBC, etc.), incubators (WSL Link, LME, I-Tech Incubator, etc.), Science Parks (Parc Initialis, etc.), etc.
  • Disseminating the technology and services of UMONS laboratories
  • Organising meetings between companies and laboratories
  • Representing international research in collaboration with the International Relations Office
  • Representing UMONS within the LIEU network    
Promoting (transitive verb, Latin: promovere (pro: forward, and movere: to set in motion)): 

“Maintain momentum and motivation through support.” – “Promoting the success or development of a project by disseminating information”

  • PhD promotion and support
  • Promotion of UMONS research

  Our services:

  • Organising and participating in networking events for PhD students. Doc Connexion is an example: click here
  • Disseminating practical information that is useful for PhD students (funding assistance, career opportunities, mobility, etc.) To access this information click here 
  • Providing research oriented communication support. Consult the UMONS Research Institutes brochure
  • Participating in the organisation of the “Scientific Days” event of the Pôle hainuyer
  • Disseminating the skills information sheets of the UMONS laboratories, via the LIEU NETWORK WEBSITE
Administering (transitive verb, Latin: administrare, French: servir):

“Manage, collect and summarise data and information, make inventories”

  • Data management and research indicators
  • Secretariat of the Research Council
  • Administrative management of research

 Our services:

  • Research Council: preparing files and session notes, executing and communicating the decisions made during sessions. Consulting all the decisions made by the UMONS Research Council on its Intranet portal.
  • Coordinating the scientific activity report (in collaboration with the CIA)
  • Managing and coordinating the institutional repository
  • Managing the TITTAN database (research and development agreements, research projects, etc.)
  • Coordinating, with authorities and partners, the signing of conventions related to research and the setting up of projects. Click here to consult our procedure on the signing of conventions.

Who Are We?

​Our department consists of a team with varied and complementary profiles: scientific advisors, legal advisors, a communications advisor, a business development consultant, a patent engineer, and administrative assistants.

Single point of contact :
avr​​ | 065/37.47.93


Through the MIRVAL+ project, the DAVRE receives financial support from the European Social Fund and the Walloon Region.