Placements, Projects and Dissertations

At the University of Mons, students can carry out a placement for their dissertation within a company or another external organisation.

Allowing a future graduate of UMONS to carry out their placement in your company enables them to experience the world of work while contributing to their training.

With the student’s skills, you will benefit from short-term help to solve a concrete problem that your company is facing.

This is also an opportunity to discover new talents and to test the student as a potential future hire.

Finally, it is an experience that allows you to collaborate with the teaching and research departments of UMONS and to access the scientific and technical expertise of its teams of teachers and researchers.

The student you host will enter a professional context, which will facilitate their integration into the professional world upon graduation. It will also help them to understand the profession and write their dissertation, all the while applying and developing their transversal skills in the field.

Their integration into a company, or any other professional environment, will enable them to understand how a company functions, as well as learn about economic and environmental issues, among others.

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